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Edward R. Roybal Learning Center



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Welcome to the Lucille and Edward R. Roybal Foundation. The Roybal Foundation was founded in 1985 to commemorate the legacy of leadership and community service of its founders, Congressman Edward R. Roybal and Mrs. Lucille Beserra Roybal. Education, empowerment and engagement of the next generation is the focus of the Roybal Foundation.

For over 36 years, the Roybal Foundation has developed a new generation of leaders through scholarships, internships and programs that are relevant to the needs of the community to carry forth the legacy of leadership and community service of its founders.

Aquaponics Garden

The Roybal Foundation created the first aquaponics garden in East Los Angeles. The Roybal Foundation’s aquaponics garden is a combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and growing plants without soil. This program educates and engages community members through healthy eating and outdoor activity. The community urban setting lacks open green space for outdoor activities. The Foundation’s Aquaponics Garden offers an opportunity for families and community members to learn about organic gardening and healthy food choices.

Legacy Gallery

Using the arts as its media, the Legacy Gallery Exhibit engages and inspires future generations to strive for excellence. The exhibit contains archives featuring the challenges faced by Lucille and Edward R. Roybal and their lifetime achievements which incorporates their journey to promote civil rights in the U.S.  Through its historic photographic collection and art work, the exhibit reveals the passion and hard work that lead to the inclusion of a diverse people in mainstream society.

Youth Program

The Roybal Foundation Youth INITIATIVE is a collaborative project that brings together public policy leaders, schools, law enforcement professionals and most importantly the voices of our youth.

The Youth Initiative creates safe spaces for open dialogue, thus creating an organic community where the voices of our youth are heard, valued, and engaged, in meaningful discourse and interaction.